Monday, December 30, 2013

Pinterest-Inspired Healthy Breakfast Bowl

With 2013 winding down and the new year around the corner, I thought I'd share a new healthy snack/breakfast with you. Many of my friends are making it a goal to be healthy in 2014, and lots of friends on twitter are participating in #500in2014, where we run 500 miles by the end of the year!

I discovered this snack/breakfast idea on Pinterest, and it's from Caitlin over at I pinned it a while ago, but it's just been recently that I tried it. One of the reasons I tried it is because I started using an app on my iPhone called My Fitness Pal, which tracks everything I eat during the day as well as my exercise. I am loving the app (and hating at the same time!) because it is motivating me to search for healthy snacks and meals. 

I entered the bowl into the app so that I could see how many calories are in the meal. Seeing the breakdown on the app lets me know that I need to go down to only 1 dark chocolate square. I can leave it out all together, but I like the mild flavor, and dark chocolate has many health benefits. While the walnuts add a lot of calories, there is research that shows that walnuts are good for brain functioning. Actually, the walnuts, blueberries, and oats are all "superfoods." The Greek yogurt ups the protein in the meal, and the banana gives good flavor as well as potassium. 

While the fat content is high, I'm okay with it because I know that it's my highest-ranking meal of the day for fats, and I would rather have it first thing in the morning rather than later in the day. 

My favorite feature of the app is that it has a bar code scanner where you can scan labels to enter your food. I was able to scan the barcode from the yogurt, walnuts, oats, and chocolate. Easy peasy!

If you try this or have other combination ideas, I'd love to hear from you! 

Best wishes for a healthy you in the new year!


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Maria said...

What a great breakfast idea! It looks so tasty and so nutritious, as well as energizing!!! Perfect start to the new year!!! I need to adjust my lazy breakfasts!!

Jennifer Hogan said...

It is very yummy, Maria! Also very portable. Thanks for visiting my blog. Good luck in the new year!

Julie said...

Yummy recipe Nif! Thank you so much for linking up to Inspiration Monday Party…we will be featuring your Breakfast Bowl this Sunday :) Yeay! ~ Julie

Nif @ Call*Me*Nif said...

Thanks, Julie! I'm honored! Hope you try the breakfast bowl. Happy New Year!

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