Monday, October 14, 2013

Chalkboard Mirror Quotes

I am still in love with my DIY chalkboard mirror I made a couple of summers ago. I thought I would change out my quotes more often, but I've only had a few different ones. The first quote was this one...

The most recent quote is below...

I'm ready to change the quote...this one has been on Instagram since March!

I need some inspiration, so I went to my favorite place for it... Pinterest! Here are some I found that may find their way onto my chalkboard.

We are what we repeatedly do!

He has plans for me!

Love this quote!

#motivation #Papersalt


Motivational quote via Carol's Country Sunshine on Facebook

either act or forget

I'll update you on the next quotes I use. What are your favorite quotes to display on chalkboards?

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1 comment:

Christal Lyn said...

This is really cute! I am so jealous of your beautiful handwriting! Thanks so much for sharing, I think I may have to attempt (attempt being the key word) this :D

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