Sunday, December 11, 2011

Rustic Christmas Mantel Reveal

The other day my youngest daughter told me that she wanted the house decorated "like you see in the movies."

Ack! That's a daunting task! In the movies, it seems that Christmas decor is everywhere you look. (And usually with a large budget!)

I've been working on the house this weekend, and the mantel is always the hardest thing for me to decorate. I decided to go rustic this year... think cabin-snow-woods kind of rustic.  I think one of the reasons it's so hard for me to decorate is that I'm kind of a schizo-decorator. I told Hubs the other day that I felt a little overwhelmed. I wanted to decorate with a whimsical theme, but also with a rustic/country style, and a glitzy/glam style, too. I didn't even want to start. (Thus the reason I'm STILL decorating on December 11!)

I knew I had to get crackin', though, for my two daughters... so I just took the plunge and created a few different styles in the house. {That's okay, isn't it?}

Today I want to share my mantel with you, but first I wanted to share a few that I found in blogland that I think are just awesome.

The first is this one from Positively Splendid. It's a cute cute cute whimsical mantel. I love the pictures of the kids and the charms on them are adorable!

This next one is a traditional scene. I especially love the pinecone wreath on the mirror. Thanks to Missy over at Lookie What I Did!

I've got a crush on all things turquoise or aqua right now. Erin, over at Sunny Side Up, created a beautiful mantelscape with aqua, white, and silver. So. Cool.

Okay.... here's mine. (Think I'm procrastinating showing you?!?)
For the large "gift" in the middle of the wall, I just wrapped the picture of the sailboat (it lives there during the spring and summer) with brown craft paper. I then wrapped a strip of burlap around the middle and tied a bow on the burlap. I used a clip-on greenery from the Dollar Tree in the middle of the bow. {Seeing the picture now, I may take the bow off and hang a wreath in the middle of the "gift."}

The reindeer I purchased about 10 years ago at Target. I purchased the trees at Target, too... probably about 10 years ago, too. (Where does the time go???) The trees are in little galvanized pails,  and I just wrapped a strip of burlap around the pails.

The candle holders are vases I already had. I used red filler from the Dollar Tree, white candles from Hobby Lobby, and put the vases on silver candle holders that I got from Target (seeing a trend?) about 3 years ago.

Did you notice what I added in this picture? Leave me a comment if you find it!

All of the mantels in my post {including mine} can be found over at the Christmas Mantel Link Party hosted by Beth over at Home Stories A2Z


Susan said...

Oh, it looks good!

I know what you mean about wanting to do things for our kids..... we want them to have good memories.

And a starfish was added!

Amberetta Pippens said...

Pretty, Mrs. Hogan! You added a star fish in front of the gift on the mantle.

Nif said...

Yes... it's the starfish. Just can't help it; I'm Jonesin' for the beach!

Erin said...

Hi Nif!

Thank you so much for sharing my mantel! I'm so glad you liked it. I love yours too! Especially the candles filled with red berries. Such a clever idea!

Your girls are beautiful. Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!

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